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Who We Are

Our mission

To create a Trustworthy environment on and off-floor in between every vertical.

To Transform the shape of the business process industry by providing excellent and trustable services to our clients in order to propel the growth for customers and enrich business experiences to create value for our clients.

We Strive to introduce an excellent team for the growth of the business to become one of the leading in Industry to achieve higher quality and continuous development to serve our clients with full Integrity by aspiring core values.

Our Vision

Having a Vision of Relation Beyond Buisness to build a culture where there is a sense of trust at every level internally and externally.

To create clear communication and a sense of clarity in thought of Business work.

We Believe in the short-term goals and the aim is to provide the quality of services to our clients at an economical price yet being profitable.

The Focus is to capture the Industry as the goal is to be in the next 5 Years and expanding our centers to develop a new trustable culture in the sector at every level.

Global Presence

Ravyan Enterprises Pvt Ltd. is aiming to be one of the trusted and Leading Business Process Service provider.

We are focusing to build an atmosphere where we would be transforming the way of looking to cater business processes by creating a trustable zone where the clients may feel serene and hassle-free.

We would be targeting to be long term partners in our services to have


Our delivery model would be offering solutions in Real Estate -Sale/purchase /rental /short-term rentals etc.

Manpower Solutions Digital & web consultation , Vehicle consultation Buying & selling.

Event & Celebrity Management

Home kitchen Consultation, House keeping services with contractual & real time closures ,Installation / Maintenance / Cleaning Contracts for Hotels , cruises etc.

Airconditioner services and all allied services at affordable prices .

Our Core Values


Ensuring complete understanding of the services to deliver Quality value to measure the results of our transparency towards the services and Businesses we Deal in to achieve the great level of Trust.


Ensuring the great level of productivity to deliver the quality services in the Timely Manner.


By creating Clear Communication and to focus on specific, important and measurable goals to delivery services to provide consistent results.


Creating a great Relationship in terms of delivering services by having strong ethical and moral Principles and following them at all time with integrity acts like honesty, Honor and truthfulness


We provide end to end delivery services to our clients with values of accountability

Quality Services

Client satisfaction is our utmost priority and by understanding their requirements in depth and their taste to choose the products and then it’s our responsibility to deliver that upto the mark to make our client happy and they feel the worth of whatever they invest in.

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